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The device in connection with the invention enables, through the possibility of an infinite number of reflections of a beam of light, to create, according to the configuration of this or these same devices, coherent luminous surfaces or volumes that can be used for various purposes.
The following description is as simple as possible, but illustrates at best the possibilities for other configurations.

The materials required for the making are one or several laser source(s) with spectrum, power and colour in accordance with the choice and uses determined by the professional.
Three strips of reflective and one strip of two-way mirrors are also needed.
These four strips of mirrors are set so as to form a closed square, with the reflective sides turned to the inside of the square.
The laser source is set up outside this structure, in a plane perpendicular to the two-way mirror.
When the laser source is set in action, the beam goes through the two-way mirror; the multiplicity of reflections of the beam, trapped in the reflective closed structure, gives a screen of coherent plane light.
In the above explained system, a two-way mirror has been chosen in order to permit the introduction of the beam(s) into the closed reflective structure, but it could be replaced by a simple boring letting the laser beam in, or by a mirror processed with this in view, or by an optical fibre.

In accordance with the invention, the possibility of creating such a luminous surface, on geometric structures, inside reflective, from circular to polygonal shapes, can allow, among the applications of this phenomenon, the fulfilment of anti-theft systems based on plane beams cut, more efficient through the full obstruction of the passage to be guarded than the usual single simple laser beam cut.

It is also possible to make several laser sources enter this square-shaped (or other forms) structure, with various colour spectra and wavelengths; in that case we can obtain, inside the structure, ornamental patterns or luminous sets useful for various purposes.

In accordance with the invention, it is also possible to design flat screens (for computer, television, cinema, meters and consoles), virtual and possibly tactile through beams cut straight on the screen (touch-control), or ornamental patterns (modern architecture, works of art, monuments, curios, virtual frame) as well as totally new luminous signs and advertisements.

The shown drawings are just sketches to present the principle on which the system works; in any case they can be regarded as plans.

Light wall 1

Light wall folloow up


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