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- To reach the 120 km altitude .

- Protocol and machines features . P2

- Race regulations .P3

- Safety regulations . P4

- Terms of participation. P5


Competitors must apply for registration to Invention Conception website, from 1st June 2006 to
1st June 2008.
The projects holders must set them out to Inventio Conception website for publication.



-   Can register for the event any all-in-one device able to take off from any runway or launching pad, with a gradient less than 30°.
-  Crafts must be able to join a landing runway and touch down like a plane.
-  All kinds of engines are allowed, without reservation (rockets, hybrids, mixed motorization or any innovating system).
-  All kinds of fuels are allowed.
-  All sizes and shapes are accepted.
-  To reach the 120 km altitude.
-  Takeoff assistance through catapult launching on runway or pad is allowed.
-  Use of boosters or other acceleration systems is accepted below 10.000 metres.

-  These acceleration systems have to be controlled by the pilot himself, and nobody else.
-  The initial acceleration systems can be removable or integrated into the machinel.

-  Fuel tanks can be removable or integrated into the framework.

-  The machine must have a load capacity equal to twice the pilot’s weight.

-  Landing systems comprise all known or unknown means, except parachutes or hang-gliders.

-  Sea landing is allowed as long as it does not resort to the above mentioned means (parachutes or supple hang-gliders).

-  All braking systems are allowed except parachutes and hand-gliders.

-  Are not allowed to take part in the challenge: multi-stage structures, carrier aircrafts, balloons combined with other means, as well as any other means unable to take off from the horizontal up to 30°.




-  Applications must be sent to the website from 1st June 2006 to 1st June 2008
-  The event will be officially open from 1st June 2008 up to 1st June 2013
-  Choice of launching sites is left with the teams ..
-  All takeoff sites will be approved on condition that they are far from dwelling areas and do not make the population run any risks.
-  Validation of the event is done by the representatives of the “invention-conception” team, as well as civil and military means present on the launching sites.

-  Teams must absolutely be private and out of any major of aerospace industry.
-  Are entitled to take part in the event and teams: aerospace industry technicians and engineers, but on their private capacity.
-  Teams can be subsidized, sponsored, supported by donations or any other finding coming from aerospace industries.
-  All private donations are allowed to fund the teams.
-  Teams must be third-party insured to join the event.
-  Teams’ composition must be nominative and mention everybody’s function.
-  Teams’ composition must be sent to the representatives of “Invention-Conception” website and any change within the team must be reported.

-  The pilot representing the team and in charge of making the machine to fly will have to be over 18 years of age, as well as have 1000 hours flying time minimum to his name ( Diploma - T - Sight flying).
-  Ascent and descent times are not counted in the competition; only the initial goal is taken into consideration.
-  All the features of the machines must be known, except those that are under patent or under article 411.6 of the french Penal Code or under other restrictions valid in other countries.





-  The competitors must undertake to abide by the following safety regulations :
-  Motors trials runs as well as fuel combustion and storage testings must be done far from inhabited areas.

-  Fuels’ components possibly toxic must be reported to the proper authorities of the countries concerned.
-  Components possibly or potentially explosive will have to be mentioned and stored far from inhabited areas; they will be controlled by the authorities of each country concerned.
-  Rolling trials runs must be done on aerodrome runway or far from any dwelling area.
-  Les essais en vol, moteur ou plané drop zone, doivent en référer aux autorités de l’aviation civile pour la France ou aux autorités de tutelles pour les autres pays.
-  Machines will have to be equipped with: a powder fire extinguisher, a parachute for the pilot and a life jacket for sea-rescue.

-  Cockpit must be fitted inside with two automatic cameras, the one filming inside and the other outside; on this point improvements are possible and negotiable.

-  The machines fitted with removable parts while flying (boosters, tankers,..) will have to drop them above deserted areas or oceans.
-  Ground as well as flying trials, will have to be reported to the “Invention-Conception” team 30 days ahead.
-  Ground as well as flying trials, will be done in the presence of safety teams equipped with radio and fire fighting means.
-  With regard to technical means and management of any other possible source of accidents, it is appealed to common sense and responsibility of all competing teams.

-  The “Invention Conception” team asks all potential candidates for setting out, when sending their registration file, all technical safety features planned, and reserves the right to ask for modifications or improvements.






-  Candidacies are free and do not require any contribution to costs.
-  Applicants for the race can present their projects within the period from 1st June 2006 to 1st June 2008.
-  The race will take place from 1st June 2008 to 1st June 2013.
-  Agreed files will be published on the “Invention Conception” website, in agreement with the owners, except the sections subjected to restrictions.
-  All technologies will be accepted, provided the machine in competition is all in one piece and do not involve the technologies above mentioned page 2 (parachutes or supple hang-gliders).
-  The “Invention Conception” team must be aware of any projects evolution.
-  The “Invention Conception” team cannot be held responsible for accidents caused by machines or competitors.
-  The “Invention Conception” team is responsible only for the organization and management of the race; competitors’responsibilty is full and entire in case of accident.
-  It is recommended to refer to proper authorities as concerns all trials.
-  The names of the competitors will be published only by mutual agreement
-  Competitors will have the possibility of mentioning the names of their sponsors and being published on the “Invention Conception” website.
-  The award total amount will be known on 1st June 2008; it will be permanently provisionned until the challenge is achieved by the winner.
-  The prize will be paid as soon as the altitude reached by the winner has been validated, in conformity with the race regulations.
-  The rights that will result of the race will also be payed to the winner up to 50%.



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